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Digital thoughts rarely surface these days and I sort of like it that way.



every fucking time.


little joys.

lazy mondays. stephen king’s insomnia. notably lucid dreams.
lightning storms. a certain talkative cat. lack of chemicals.
the new woman in my broski’s life. iced tea. mary jane.
anticipation. old lovers. walking everywhere. tacos.
making  mistakes. learning  from  said  mistakes.
high hopes. fiona apple. lists. instant film.

headin’ to the capitol.

Austin is approaching quickly. I planned to go out there with a handful of new songs ready to take to a freind’s studio space, but my mind has been elsewhere the last couple months. All of a sudden I’m questioning everything I’m doing. Like, do I truely want to go to school for music business? Or in doing so am I throwing my hands up and basically admitting I’m never gonna make it in the real music business? Fuck. I need to get my nose out of all these novels and put some time into my craft. All these half-written songs aren’t going to finish themselves. Sigh.